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Maybe the tie that binds all Real Housewives the tightest, beyond a shared love of white wine and yelling, so their near-uniform preference for awful dudes. When you start sorting it out, bad taste in replica handbags romantic partners accounts, either directly or indirectly, for an awfully large proportion of the tension, conflicts and eventual blowout fights that form any given Housewives season's narrative arcs. Watching last night's episode of Real House of louis vuitton outlet Orange County, the second in the staggering eleventh season of the show, I couldn't help but wonder if they'd all actually get along pretty well if all the men in their lives were jettisoned into space and they were left to their own prada replica devices, just the group of ladies and their wine, being tended to by caterers in someone's artificially manicured back yard. The episode opened on more of the fallout from the Bad Housewives Partner To End All Bad Housewives Partner, Brooks the fake cancer-haver. Heather had been gracious enough to invite Vicki to her yacht party, which was definitely thrown because of love and a ralph lauren outlet bad echocardiogram or something, not at all because producers needed a very early season gathering to force everyone together and make sure that Vicki hadn't fallen off the face of the Earth or joined a cult or faked her own death and assumed a new identity. A party on a yacht? Even better! No one can leave.